Happily I’m currently very busy with projects, I’m web developing and managing sites for UK leisure and heritage railways…

Other recent projects include developing an appointment booking system for Denim Nation UK websites.
This page will be updated soon!

Client Testimonial

Huw Griffiths joined our Development and Customer Service teams (two roles) in March of 2017 and quickly established himself as an invaluable member of both. We are a dynamic and rapid growing organisation with some high profile and sensitive clients with very specific requirements and in turn, we require capable individuals to get up to speed quickly and execute the tasks assigned conscientiously and correctly. Huw has displayed not only an enviable list of abilities but just as importantly, a diligence and level headedness when we’re being pressed to deliver.

Huw is always friendly, courteous and able to assist and as we progress through our planned growth for the next two years and beyond, it’s difficult to imagine Huw not being instrumental in what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation.