Solving your Content Management System Puzzle…

Choosing the right designer for your website can be a difficult decision, because you will know what you want but so many designers will only work within existing frameworks, using plugins as required, but offering little flexibility to you the site owner and your customers.

As an experienced programmer I recognise the limitations of third party plugins. However, unlike many competitors I am also a developer, and able to offer the facility to build functionality into your site theme. This gives you a flexible site which will suit your requirements and ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

My passion for programming started with the home computers of the 1980s, when I learned to program in machine code and assembly language on a Commodore 64. This interest in all things IT naturally led me into the industry and now after many years of experience, I am settled in Dorset, England, creating my own bespoke content management system, using existing frameworks.

I began my career as a multimedia technician, facilitating and video-documenting community arts workshops in various community settings, including the national Eisteddfod of Wales and numerous venues around the west of England, but soon realised my interest really lay in web development. From this point I worked towards the goal of creating my own bespoke content management system.

In addition to my core coding abilities I am proficient in Photoshop and Apple Mac motion (animation) software, areas of skills which enable me to create a bespoke product, unique to you and your brand. I also work collaboratively and creatively with other specialists to create responsive designs adaptable to different devices, ie mobile phones, ipads and laptops.

We all know that the world of web development is constantly evolving and as a good web developer I recognise the need to be responsive and adaptive to these changes. I am passionate about learning and developing my knowledge.

When not working I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, gym training, early morning boot-camp beach training and costal walks around Dorset with like-minded travellers. I retain my roots in community groups and volunteer for LGBT+ Support Groups in Bristol and in Wildlife Conservation Action groups, enjoying the energy and inspiration gained from working in these diverse fields.